Juggling Life.

Well, it’s been a hectic little while.  But things are starting to get back under control, thank goodness.

This study period at uni, I’ve been focusing less on fiction writing and more on media related writing.  And I’ve made a discovery.  I’m not great at journalistic writing.  I don’t like it.  I don’t feel comfortable interacting with others.  Which is what has drawn be back to this blog. 

I know this isn’t very interactive.  Or really interactive at all, but as an extreme introvert, this is the safest environment for me to start trying to increase my engagement with the world.  For me, this is a terrifying experiment conducted from the safety of my office.  Being so very introverted makes it difficult to engage in any way with other real people.

After all, the characters in my head are so very much easier to interact with.  Mainly because I can’t get away from them, but still. 

My middle daughter started high school last week and I’m concerned how she is going to cope.  She’s my soft child.  My eldest daughter ignores everything she’s not interested in, including people, so she got through high school without any real problems, my only son is a very strong young man who can adapt to any situation and turn it to his advantage, while my youngest daughter thrives in any situation where other people are.  She’s not in the least introverted and finds engaging with others easy.  But my middle girl is a lot like me.  Happier living in her head and with her book than she is in crowds or groups.  So far, we’ve had two good days, one okay day and very bad day. 

I’m thankful the school sends home major assessment dates and information early in the year as this has made it easy to put on the calendar the dates that each of us has assessments and projects due.  Which really could be stressful as I’ve got final uni assessments due at the same time as both high schoolers have assessments due.  So probably many nights coming up where we use the slow cooker for dinners, to give us all time to get our tasks done.

On top of all this, my husband has accepted a job he loves, but it means he will be away for days at a time, coming home to visit alternate weekends. 

So my decision is, I will use the life challenges section of this blog to discuss my attempts to be a better mother, cope with uni, juggle assessments for myself and helping and supporting my two high schoolers to do the best they can, while, essentially being a single mother for a fortnight at a time, while trying to build a career for myself and run our farm. 

This may be a bit disjointed but, that’s life at the moment.

Hopefully anyone reading this has a nice week.


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