After a horrid year, I have decided I need to move beyond my past, and to quote my favourite song of the moment “Be my own Superhero” (honestly anyone having problems in their life go listen to Amber Lawrence ‘superhero”).

So, I know it’s not the new year, but today, is a new day.  today is the start of a new me.  Today, I start throwing myself into building the career and life that I want, rather than just the life I am good at.

My goals for this coming year:

Goal 1:

Enter 1 short story writing competition each month – This one I’m doing well with.  I entered the Crime Writers Association debut dagger competition in January and I’m nearly ready to enter the Romance Writers Association (Australia) First Kiss Competition later this week.

Goal 2:

Complete my writing and editing degree.  This one is also on track.  I should be finished by November this year.

Goal 3:

Post two blog entries a week.  One will be a personal type, how my life is going blog, the other will be a serial story.  A Chapter a week kind of thing.

Goal 4:

Get my physical and mental health under control.  With all the crazy life stuff that happened in 2014, both my mental and physical health really declined.

Goal 5:

Be a better mother and wife.  The wife thingy I’m doing okay with when I can keep my mental health going well.  But the Mum thing…Well I’m almost about to put myself up for adoption.  Surely there is an easier way to raise kids, that to deal with 3 teenagers with less than 3 years between them age wise.

Goal 6:

complete my stuff.  I have so many half finished, nearly finished novels and other projects that it is embarrassing.

Goal 7:

Work my life out.  This one, it’s the killer really.  Which is why I put it as my last goal.  I think I need to get some of the other goals sorted first.

This is my pledge to myself.  This year coming is going to be my year to either achieve my dreams or crash and burn in as spectacular manner as I can.


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