Serial 1 – Deaths Angel

As part of my re-commitment to writing and this blog, I am going to post a scene a week from a story I am writing just for this blog.  I have not finished this story.  I don’t have  a plan for this story.  It is just going to develop one scene at a time, and we will together see what happens.

Chapter One

Seraphine watched with satisfaction as the gates closed, the click resounding through the background noise. Her first solo soul delivery and it went without a hitch. Turning, she took a moment to survey this new area of heaven.

Angels hurried souls towards different arrivals gates, some to be turned away, delivery refused. Others stood in small groups or pairs, chatting. On the outer edges, solider angels patrolled, ensuring no crazed souls or demons entered the receiving area undetected.

Behind the gates stood relatives waiting for new arrivals, calling excitedly when they spotted a loved one, prompting some angels to hurry, while others changed arrival gates.

With a sigh Seraphine focused on her mentor, giving herself a reference point that she could use to return to. Stepping quickly she dodged past incoming souls and moved to the outer reaches of the area before disappearing in a blink of light.

Reappearing Seraphine called

“Holly, I did it. Got the …” her voice trailed off as she surveyed the scene before her. Her mentor and Aunt lay in a pool of blood, wings torn from her body and tossed to one side, her shift dress pushed up revealing the halo tattoo on her hip. A noise pulled Seraphine’s attention to the other side of the room. A dark shape with darker wings hovered just within her vision range. Seraphine stood transfixed as the dark shape materialized briefly, showing a masked face, black and midnight blue wings, a pair of swords strapped to a bare chest. His finger moved to his lips in a shushing motion before he blinked into a deeper shadow and disappeared.

Seraphine sank to the ground, pulling the body of the only parent she’d ever known into her lap.

“Don’t be dead Holly,” she muttered pushing blood-soaked hair off Holly’s face “don’t be dead.” rocking Seraphine sat in the blood, staring at her Aunt as the body started to chill. Gradually, Seraphine became aware of a presence behind her, warm arms wrapping around her, talking to her.

“Sera? Sera, let me take Holly.   Come on Seraphine, we need to take Holly now. We need to take you back to school. Seraphine? Can you hear me?” the calming voice of Uncle Callum slowly intruded into Sera’s consciousness. Turning her head, she watched Callum out of unseeing eyes.

“It was an angel, Cal. An angel killed Holly. Why would an angel kill Holly, Callum? How could an angel kill Holly?” she asked, her voice cutting through Callum like a knife. Looking around her could see no signs of another angel in the blood soaked room.

“I don’t know Sera. But we need to take Holly home now. And get you settled. Let me take her” he asked, tears glittering on his cheek as he gathered his sister’s body to his chest. Reaching out with his wings, he encircled Seraphine in a cocoon on softness, spreading his power over the two of them, he took them home.


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