Failure Again

Okay, so the re-commitment thingy didn’t work. But in my defense I’ve been writing a lot and trying to develop my writing career, rather than trying to build an author platform.

But Still.

I’ve given myself another opportunity to succeed, that’s all.

At the moment, I’m trying to put a positive spin on all aspects of my life. And the above statement is actually my positive spin on not managing to post a blog entry in the last month.

In a last ditch attempt to actually create a habit of blogging, I’m intending to join the A-Z Challenge.

So for April, I am going to blog one entry a day, each day Monday to Saturday. The terms of the challenge require you to blog based on a letter of the alphabet, starting with A.

To help me actually achieve this goal, I’ve decided to use a theme for the month. My theme will be author reviews. I’m going to throw on my very organised writer hat and give myself an excuse to peruse my library, collecting my favourite authors and reading their collected works and then reviewing them. It may be one book, it may be a book series. It could be an overview of the entire body of work, what ever strikes my fancy at the time.

So on April 1, 2015 I will start with my all time favourite writer, Ilona Andrews. Not sure yet who will get ‘b’ but others I will look at include;
Gena Showalter
Karen Rose
Kresley Cole
Jeaniene Frost,
Nalini Singh – okay, looks like i have a double up, so some fast footwork may be required.

Other letters will be filled in by a wide variety of author and book reviews, based only on the books I already have in the house.
No visiting the library.
No buying new books.

A month of reading and reviewing only the books i already own. That is my goal.


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