C is for Kresley Cole

Today being day 3 of the challenge brings us to the letter ‘C’ which in my library means Cole, Kresley Cole.

I first came to Ms Coles work through the novel Lothaire in her Immortals After Dark series and immediately feel in love with her characters. Each book in the series is a standalone novel, but each book links to the other through the overarching storyline. Each new novel we get to know a new hero and heroine, while having a glimpse into the lives of previous couples, which is something I enjoy.

These books are all about love ever after; heroes willing to battle unsurmountable odds and heroines willing to cut anyone down who gets between them and their goals. Even the ‘shy’ ‘retiring’ characters have a core of steel that will not allow them to let go once they have decided on commitment. These books are great sweeping romances that are able to take your breath away with the depth of devotion between the couples. These books are my go-to resource for when I’ve had a bad day or when I’m feeling unloved and unlovable. I know they are paranormal romance and have nothing to do with real life, but you know what? That’s why I love them. Complete escapism.

My teenage children have fallen in love with her Arcana Chronicles series which is based on a core group of characters. These books are not standalones novels, you definitely need to read them in order to get the full impact of the stories, but they are wonderful young adult books, full of danger, mystery and intrigue set in a post-apocalyptic future where the majority of the world population has been decimated.

Think Hunger Games with magic and much more danger. I actually don’t understand why these books haven’t been picked up for a movie deal, as they offer more than the current crop of popular books that have been made into movies. More drama. More bad boys. More good guys.

Kick butt strong female characters who, quite frankly, would wrap Katniss or Tris up in a web and flush them down the toilet.

Ms Cole moves successfully through the different genres and age groups by ensuring each of her characters is fully realised and makes logical decision based on their previous decisions. Her books are a wild ride that never fail to satisfy and I heartedly recommend them.


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